Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Foxing Around"

This maple box was inspired by the leather carving on the top. I purchased a leather carving kit so I could learn how to carve leather. I bought a large hide and found this carving pattern in a book called "Wildlife in Relief" by Lora S. Iris. The book is for relief carving in wood, but it made an excellent choice for the lid of this box.

The Leather was carved long before the box came about. In fact it had been stored somewhere and I came across it one day and figured I'd better make something for it.
I ended up getting some curly maple and started drawing.

In the end we have a great looking box. The materials are Leather, curly maple, cocobolo, yellow heart, and walnut. The hinges are Brusso brass box hinges. The trays in the interior are removable.

The lid of this box has bow tie joinery and helps support the miters. The box itself is mitered and has dovetail keys to make the joint strong, ensuring this box should last. The finish is a blend of tung oil, boiled linseed oil, and poly.
Because of the complexity of this box I am asking $850 + shipping and handling. If you are interested in this box or would like to commission one, please contact Keith at

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  1. Keith, that is a beauty ! I would have to pay to get something like that because I don't know if a have that much patience any longer.