Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspired by Krenov

I call this cabinet the "Bubinga Cabinet", but I would love to call it something else. It is very elegantly done and definitely deserves a better name. I call it the bubinga cabinet for obvious reasons. The cabinet itself is made out of solid bubinga, and is joined together with classic through dovetails. The doors are curved, and were shaped by hand.

The handles and the inlay on the doors are Wenge. The pulls were turned on the lathe and are solidly doweled to the doors.

The cabinet sits proudly on it's stand. The stand is solid wenge, and is joined together with mortise and tenon joinery. The front of the base has an elegant curved arch, and follows the curve of the doors.

The legs of the stand are curved to give the base a flowing feel.

The exterior of the cabinet was inspired by James Krenov. Moving to the inside we find some wonderful inlay work, turning, carving, and marquetry. The small door has a flower marquetry pattern surrounded by a maple inlay. The door is Mahogany. The flower is Anigre, walnut, and poplar.

The pull on the flower door is wenge, and is shaped to mimic the larger curved doors.
The door hangs proud between 2 turned walnut columns. The columns have carved flutes, and have a carved flower at the top. The carved flower replicates the flower on the door.

Below the door is 3 drawers. Each drawer is curved and has a maple inlayed border. The drawers are assembled with classic half blind dovetail joinery. The pulls are wenge and are curved to flow with the drawers. The pulls are attached with solid brass dowels.

This cabinet will be a wonderful addition to any home and is being offered for $6,450 + shipping and handling. If you are interested in this piece, or would like to commission one similar, please contact Keith at This piece will be shipped in two sections and is easily assembled with figure 8 fasteners.

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