Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Branched Out"

This bowl is made out of layers of vertical grain Amber Bamboo 3 ply. The 3 ply refers to the lay up of each sheet. There are essentially 3 layers on the sheet of plywood. The front and back are approximately 3/16" thick and the core is approximately 3/8" thick. The sheet is solid bamboo and comes 4' x 8'. The bowl is made out of remnants off of the sheet, each remnant is glued then stacked and clamped. The branches are I believe walnut. Each leaf is a different species, such as cocobolo, birdseye maple, makore, bubinga and ribbon mahogany.
This bowl has been sold, but one similar can be commissioned. Please contact Keith at kolww@cox.net if you are interested in having one made.

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